Writing a Great Story

Storyboarding like Pro

The History of Storyboarding

Formatting a Script in 60 Seconds


Creating Awesome Props

History of the Movie Camera

Cool Camera Angles


The 180 Degree Rule

How to Light your Movies

Basics of Timelapse Photography

How to Film in Low Light and make it look Good

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Editing your Film

History of Editing

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How I learned Visual Effects – w/ VFX Bro

Getting Started in Visual Effects

How to Approach Visual Effects

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How I Became a Music Composer – w/ Andrew Gerlicher

How to Get Started in Film Composing

Gear to Start Your Studio

Relationship Between the Director and Composer

Communicating with a Film Composer

Composing a Great Film Score

How I got into Animation – w/ Brotherhood Workshop

Getting Started in Stop Motion Animation

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How I Became a Sound Designer – w/ Mark Sommerville

The Goal of the Sound Designer

The Elements of Sound Design

Recording on Sound on Set

How to Approach Sound Mixing

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How I Became a Documentary Filmmaker – w/ Zach Fu

Preparing for Documentary Interviews

Editing a Documentary

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Utilizing Social Media – Round Table Discussion